About Grenada Sustainable Aquaculture Project

The management of Grenada Sustainable Aquaculture is pleased to provide this project for sustainable shrimp farming. With the appropriate government approvals in place, this Grenada Company has been founded and endorsed by the government of Grenada as an approved Citizenship by Investment (CBI) Project. Our environmentally friendly approach to aquaculture can offer significant economic growth in a new industry that will diversify the economy. Our goal for this project at maturity is to substantially add to the Gross Domestic Product (GDP) of Grenada while creating more than 400 new local jobs.


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Investor Advantages

  • Higher Return than Real-Estate
  • 5 Year Guaranteed Investment Buy Back
  • Eliminates Risk
  • Strong Government Support
  • Not Dependent on Tourism
  • Emerging Market that Helps Build the Grenada Economy
  • Good for the Environment

Grenada Citizenship Investment

In order to qualify for Citizenship by Investment, applicants must make an investment of no less than $350,000 inclusive of the governmental fees. $275,000 is the buy-back investment to purchase 2,750 Grenada Sustainable Aquaculture preferred shares. The shares can be fully redeemed at the original purchase price after a mandatory 5 year holding period under the developer buyback program. Furthermore, the shares carry a dividend incentive; please refer to http://gsacbi.com or contact one of our designated representatives to find out more.




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